Greenlight XPS

Building on the excellent tradition of PV and HPS Laser Systems, GreenLight XPS delivers an outstanding safety profile as well as several new technologies that enhance performance even more.

  • Offers the same safety profile as current HPS technology.
  • Liquid-cooled fiber offers 2X speed of HPS.
  • FiberLife™ technology offers improved fiber reliability.
  • TruCoag™ offers better control of bleeders than any previous GreenLight system.

Greenlight HPS

The GreenLight HPS Laser System combines an optimal 532-nm wavelength with advanced laser technology to provide a superior solution for the safe, effective, and efficient treatment of BPH and other urologic conditions. Over 500 clinical papers and abstracts supporting GreenLight’s safety and efficacy in the widest range of patient profiles provides clinical proof that GreenLight is indeed different than other laser technologies.

  • Nearly 500,000 patients treated worldwide
  • Used by more urologists worldwide than any other laser for the treatment of BPH
  • Proven equally effective as TURP, with fewer complications
  • Proven safe and effective for patients on anticoagulation therapy
  • Proven safe and effective for treatment of large prostates
  • Outpatient procedure

StoneLight Holmium Laser

The StoneLight Holmium Laser strikes a balance between power and portability, performance and affordability, dependability and precision.  The Boston Scientific StoneLight is a 15W Holmium Laser System which provides the physician with a compact and reliable means to perform numerous surgical laser procedures. The design and manufacture of the Boston Scientific StoneLight is a result of extensive work and years of technical and clinical experience in medical laser instrumentation.

  • Deliver superior clinical outcomes utilizing optimal power settings
  • Low maintenance costs and high durability make this one of the most reliable holmium lasers available
  • Eliminates the need to share one laser between departments
  • Boston Scientific offers both a StoneLight Holmium and GreenLight laser console choice

Laserlith I-Dust Holmium Laser

The Laserlith® i-dust offers a wide range of energy and repetition rates parameters with its 30W Holmium:YAG laser. The various settings enables the practitioner to set the pulses to the desired treatment parameters with regards to the addressed pathology.

  • Lithotripsy – Hard stone
  • Lithotripsy – Dusting effect
  • Coagulation
  • Ablation
  • The preset settings are meant for stones and especially the renal ones as the Dusting mode assures more stable position of the calculi. Therefore, this mode eliminates the need for extraction basket and can reduce the total procedure duration.