Dornier EPOS Ultra

Delta Epos Ultra ESWT

The Dornier EPOS Ultra device is the only shock wave delivery system on the market today that has ultrasound targeting capabilities. Ultrasound targeting takes all the guesswork out of the procedure by allowing your physician to see where the shock waves are being distributed.

The Dornier EPOS Ultra device is classified as a high energy ESWT delivery system. Many studies indicate that high energy ESWT has better results than low energy ESWT.

  • Manufactured by the inventor of extracorporeal shock wave therapy and designed specifically for orthopedic indications
  • Developed following years of orthopedic research in shock wave therapy worldwide
  • Versatile, controlled power ranges, from high, medium to low energy levels
  • Offers both biofeedback and imaging options
  • High number of shocks per minute (240)
  • No consumables – uses electromagnetic shock wave emitter (EMSE) power source vs. spark-gap technology
  • Optimal positioning via flexible therapy head
  • Long equipment life, with low operation and service costs
  • Quiet, light weight & easily transportable